Evan Travelstead

The Weather Channel

Design, illustration, infographics, and web concepts developed for the Weather Channel and its sub-brands.



The Weather Channel asked me to provide initial art direction and concept design for a Stargazing microsite that they eventually launched in the Spring of 2016. The goals were to create the visual style, lay out concepts for interaction and animation, and provide UX recommendations for certain sections of the site.


Hurricane Katrina 10-Year Anniversary

To mark the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in the summer of 2015, The Weather Channel published a extensive amount of digital content recapping the events surrounding the hurricane and its effects on America. I was asked to create several data-focused maps and graphics to accompany the web feature and provide context and visual interest to the reporters' research. Read Bob Marshall's story here.

2015 Webby Honoree for Individual Editorial Experience & 2015 Deadline Club Award finalist


Violent Seas, Aging Ships

Shortly after the El Faro cargo ship made national news after going lost at sea during Hurricane Joaquin, the Weather Channel published a feature reporting their research on the tragedy. I was asked by their journalists to illustrate a map that tracked the locations and timelines of both the El Faro and Hurricane Joaquin to add visual context to their digital feature. Read David DeCamp's story here.


Hurricane Matthew

Shortly after Hurricane Matthew devastated the United States Eastern Seaboard, the Weather Channel compiled their data on the storm and asked me to design an infographic highlighting major events in the timeline, key statistics, and damage reports from across the state. The final piece was presented in digital form as a feature within the Hurricane Matthew storm series. View the final infographic here.